Port Dickson. February 17, 2020- Deputy Defence Minister, Liew Chin tong officiated Women, Peace and Security Course 2020 at Malaysia Peacekeeping Centre, Negeri Sembilan attended by representative of female personnel from Malaysia, Bangladesh, Canada, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam.

In his speech, he mentioned that women are an integral component in the defence arena, despite the common stereotype that this is a men’s world. The Defence White Paper also underlined the importance of having more diversity and gender balance in the Malaysian Armed Forces. We are resolved to increase the women participation in Malaysian Armed Forces.

This is crucial, and in line with the United Nations’ call to action to the member states to deploy more women peacekeepers. To encourage female participation in the workforce, the Government is committed to provide necessary support to women in the MAF include ensuring equal career progression opportunities, provision of nursing facilities and subsidised childcare services.

In addition, Liew Chin Tong said that The White paper reaffirmed the importance of Malaysia’s involvement in peacekeeping operations and other humanitarian missions, including our Malaysian Field Hospital in Cox’s Bazaar and our involvement in the International Monitoring Team in Mindanao. These efforts are an indispensable instrument not only in pursuing Malaysia’s core interests and international standing, but more importantly to support Malaysia’s foreign policy commitment in upholding world peace and collective security.