KUALA LUMPUR, April 10 — The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) will strengthen and tighten the country’s border controls during the movement control order (MCO). In a statement on Friday (April 10), the Armed Forces said its chief Jen Tan Sri Affendi Buang stressed that the MAF was always ready to strengthen enforcement across the borders.

He said that MAF would always take various factors into consideration in drafting the country’s strategic defence plans to cover any situation, especially since Malaysia was facing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following new instructions based on the Prime Minister's special speech, the MAF will increase control and surveillance, land, sea and air, so that it is at a high level.

"The Armed Forces will take several matters into consideration in creating a strategic plan to defend the country which will include any situation, especially when the nation is facing the spread of Covid-19," it said.It said illegal immigrants entering the country via illegal means could impact the Covid-19 spread.

The statement said despite its role in the enforcement of the movement control order (MCO), other operations were being carried as usual. It is also said stronger enforcement operations at the borders would not disrupt its manpower.