MinDef DKICT contains the regulations that must be followed using the asset of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This policy will informed all users of their responsibilities and role in protecting the assets of MinDef ICT.


MINDEF DKICT is created to ensure the business continuity by minimizing the impact of MINDEF security incidents.
This policy also aims to facilitate the sharing of information in accordance with the requirements of MinDef operation. This can only be achieved by ensuring all ICT assets are protected.

The main objective of MinDef DKICT are as follows:
(A) To disseminate the management stand to support the implementation of ICT security;
(B) To provide a comprehensive MinDef DKICT, in accordance with the current changes and adopted by all levels
and user management;
(C) To protect the interests and assets of the party depends on the ICT system from the effects of failure or weakness in terms of
confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity of information and communication, aggression and prevent misappropriation activities
and theft;
(D) To ensure smooth MinDef business operations to prevent and minimize the destruction and damage of ICT assets; and
(E) To provide security awareness to MinDef staff and suppliers.

Security is defined as a state that is free from threats and risks that can not be accepted. Security is an ongoing process that must be done on a regular basis to ensure safety.

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