MS ISO 9001: 2008 Certification

Implementation Scope

Management of defence policy, administration and management of resources  for  national defence and ensuring control of all departments in MinDef that encompasses the following processes:

(i)         Accounts Division

i)   Payment Management

ii)  Accounts Management

(ii)        Internal Audit and General Investigation Division

i)  Online FinanceManagement Auditing  (AIMS)

ii)  FinanceManagement Auditing (Manual)

(iii)       Policy and Strategic Planning Division

i)  Parliament Services Management

ii)  Management of Diplomatic Objection On Foreign Ships Infringement

(iv)       Defence Industry Division

i)  Determination and Monitoring of Offset  Programmes

(v)       Finance Division

i)   Preparation of Estimated Operating Expenditure

ii)  Monitoring of Operating Expenditure Performance

iii)  Processing of Expenditure Approval 

iv)  Management of  Payment

v)  Store Verification

vi)  Management of Asset Disposal

vii)  Loss and Write-off

(vi)      Information Management Division

i)   Development and Implementation of System Application

ii)   Backup and Recovery Management

(vii)     Human Resource Management Division

i)   Training

ii)   Management of Replacement / Promotions

iii)   Recruitment

iv)  Confirmation of Positions

v)   Retirement

vi)  Recruitment and Placement Handling

(viii)    Administration Division

 i)    Building Maintenance

 ii)    Management of Official Vehicle Application

 iii)   Management of Salaries and Allowances

 iv)  Management of Protocol Services

(ix)      Development Division

 i)    Preparation of Design and Development Plans

  ii)   Preparation of Reports on Delayed & Problematic Projects and Recovery Proposal

 iii)   Preparation of Contract Completion Document

(x)       Procurement Division

i)    Tenders

ii)    Quotations

(xi)      Legal Department

 i)    Contract Document Verification 

(xii)     Defence Reserve Depot

 i)    Receipt and Delivery of Equipment and Vehicle of Defence Reserve Stock

 ii)    Inspection of Defence Reserve Stock 

 iii)    Storage, Maintenance and Repairs of Defence Reserve Stock

 iv)   Calibration of Defence Reserve Stock

(xiii)     Justice Advocate Department

i)     Selection of  Chief Judge and Monitoring of Proceedings

(xiv)    Corporate Communication Unit

i)     Complaints Management

ii)     Management of Visitors’ Pass Issuance

iii)     Management of Exhibition

iv)    Management of News Coverage