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industrial training

Application for industrial training at the Ministry of Defence

Any application for industrial training at the Ministry of Defence may be directed to :
Bahagian Pengurusan Sumber Manusia,
Kementerian Pertahanan
Tingkat 2, Wisma Pertahanan,
Jalan Padang Tembak,


Application for sponsorship from the Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Defence will not make any offer Pre-Service Armed Forces (ATM) for the reasons specific reasons.


Scholarship scheme for overseas offered by the Ministry of Defence Malaysia.

Since 2010, the Malaysian Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence Malaysia no longer has a scholarship scheme.



STRIDE is a department under the Ministry of Defense is working to provide technical support and scientific expertise to the Ministry of Defence.

specification confirmation

How do procedure approved specifications of the STRIDE?

a) Submit to the procurement specifications of Research & Strategic Studies, STRIDE.
b) Screening & Authentication Specification Meeting will be held later with the user.

specification confirmation

How long will the verification process specifications will be obtained?

Normally takes four weeks to confirm the specification.

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missing invoice

What needs to be done when an original invoice is missing?

When a supplier/contractor discover that the original invoice/bill is missing or hasn’t received the payment from the Ministry, they are required to resubmit to the copy of bill/invoices together with a written declarations to state;
“We hereby resubmit the certified copy and clearance that no payments were made for these missing bills/invoices, if the missed bills/invoices are eventually found, we undertake not to resubmit the claim again”
Signature :
Name :
Company stamp :
Date :

- Copies of the supporting documents for the bills/invoices need to be verified by the party which received the goods or the services.

bill / invoice

What are the reasons which lead to invoices and bills from a supplier not being processed within the stipulated time frame?

- Supporting documents such as Ministry of Finance Registration and Bumiputra Status Certificate for procurement purposes not being submitted;
- A certified copy of Bank Guarantee Certificate not being attached;
- The list of items in the invoice not matching the list of items in the Delivery Order (DO);
- The price which is stated on the invoice contradicting the price in the DO
- Inaccuracy and miscalculation;
- Bank account number / Bank Address not being stated;
- The claim exceeding the contractual limit or relating to an expired contract;
- The date in invoice is in advance of the date in the DO;
- The order is made without funds having been alloted;
- The acknowledgement of goods received document being endorsed even without the goods received;
- Bills and invoices being submitted after the Account Payable period;
- Bills and invoices being submitted without signature; and
- Non compliance of the Government’s Financial and Procurement procedures

bill / invoice

The measures that needs to be taken by the Suppliers/Contractors prior to submitting their bills/invoices.

Prior to submitting their bills and invoices, the supplier/contractors should always ensure that all these preventive measures are taken;
- The bill/invoice is appropriately dated
- The suppliers name/address particulars are accurate
- Bill/Invoice has been duly need to be signed and the amount payable should tally with amount stated in the DO
- Clearly state the reference number of the DO/Contract/Quotation or any other special approvals in connection with the transaction;
- The name, address and the account number of the bank. If the supplier uses factoring services, kindly state the relevant information for the factoring facilities and arrangements attach together all the relevant documents
- Attach all the supporting documents based on the class/type of procurement;
- Kindly obtain the endorsement from the departments that the goods/services were satisfactorily delivered, unless for the items were procured via FOB;

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specification confirmation

Specification of how the equipment should get a confirmation from the STRIDE?

All specifications of the Ministry of Defence procurement (except for ICT and medical items) to get confirmation from the STRIDE before being sent to the Procurement Division.

perkhidmatan stride

What services are provided by the STRIDE?

a) Manage and conduct research and development (R & D)
b) Help to develop and verify the defense procurement specifications.
c) Technical evaluation of defense procurement.
d) Conduct operational research and providing advisory services in the development of defense capabilities.
e) To conduct a failure analysis of components, materials and equipment.
f) Testing, measurement and inspection laboratory and field.
g) Technical Consultation.

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What type of complaints can i lodge to the Ministry?

Ministry of Defence may investigate complaints regarding delay / no action, unfair action, lack of public amenities, policy shortcomings and weaknesses of the law, abuse of power / corruption, misconduct of public members, failure to follow procedures, failure of enforcement and quality unsatisfactory service and matters related to the Ministry of Defence.


Can I make a complaint on behalf of others?

Yes. Please inform your relationship with the complainant and obtain permission from the person. However, we encourage the complainant to provide personal information including name, contact address and phone number.


Are there any fees charged to make a complaint?

No fee is charged.


How to channel their complaints to the MinDef?

Complaints can be channeled through the following channels:
Toll Free - 1800222700
Online Complaint System Through iSPAAA
Through the Official Letter


What happens after I submit a complaint to the MinDef?

Your complaint will be resolved in accordance with the procedures set by the ministry.

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How do we check our 1Malaysia No Pension Veterans Scheme (SVTB1M) application?

To check the status SVTB1M please at the website of the Department of Veterans Affairs (JHEV) at or any JHEV branch near you.


Conditions to apply as a nurse in a military hospital for college or university graduates.

Recruitment for nurse is open twice a year, in April and September each year. Ads will be published in local newspapers. Interested applicants may attend the interview centers closest to the applicant.


What are the entry requirements to the Army College?

Beginning in 2010 there is no longer taking cadets to the Army College. Admissions are in two ways that the SPM is through Officer Cadet National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM). While the other hand is a graduate through Officer Cadet Graduates. The minimum qualifications required for the officers is a Bachelor (Honours) degree in service to be determined by the Army, the Royal Malaysian Navy and Royal Malaysian Air Force.


How to get forms for admission to be an army?

Beginning March 1st 2013, army recruitment is done online through JobsMalaysia website using the following url address

selection of (army/navy/airforce)

Do I pass for the initial selection of (Army/Navy/Airforce) and qualified for the next stage?

All candidates who apply will be notified by letter whether passed or failed.
For the army candidates, candidates can check over the internet. Please go to the following link for reference / review: (Official Portal of Malaysian Army). Thank you.

selection of (army/navy/airforce)

When the next initial selection of (Army/Navy/Airforce) and where it will be held?

All candidates who apply will be notified by letter whether passed or failed. For the army candidates, candidates can check over the internet. Please go to the following link for reference / review: (Official Portal of Malaysian Army). Thank you.

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Territorial Army Regiment

What are the qualifications to join Territorial Army Regiment?

The requirements to be a member of servicemen:

- Malaysian
- Aged 18 to 29 years
- Healthy body
- Must have the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and pass 4 subjects including Bahasa Malaysia and English.
-The period of initial service is 5 years.

spptc / afats

I graduated with PMR, how do I want to study in the School Carpentry Apprentice Army (SPPTD) or AFATS?

For the record, for the benefit of future generations SPPTD still in the process of upgrading from the Vocational School Vocational College. In the past, students will come out with SPMV, but when things are realized, each student will come out with the Malaysian Skills Certificate Level 4 (or equivalent diploma). The intake of students graduated PMR is abolished.

Royal Malaysian Air Force

What are the qualifications to join the Royal Malaysian Air Force?

Academic Qualifications
1. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or equivalent qualification thereto by the government with credit in Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics, one Science subject and passed subjects of English,


2. Has the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 2 in various trades concerned with credits in Bahasa Melayu and pass in Mathematics, one Science subject and English at SPM.

Other Requirements
Malaysian citizen aged 18 years old and not more than 25 years on the date of swearing.

- Vision and good color recognition.
- Certified healthy and not disabled.
- Terms minimum physical measurements:

High - 1.62 M
Weight - 47.5 KG
BMI - 18-25 (weight / height x height)
Chest - Normal 76 cm, 81 cm fluffy

Royal Military College (RMC)

What are the eligibility requirements for claiming the Royal Military College (RMC) Perdana Camp Sg Besi?

For the record, the minimum requirements to be a prince in the Royal Military College is the actual PMR results candidate must be at least 6A 2B (A in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics and Science). Thank you.

Royal Military College (RMC)

How do I know whether I was accepted or failed to be a prince in the Royal Military College?

Thank you for your interest to have your son to pursue his study at the Royal Military College (RMC) Sg Besi Camp. For any questions regarding the approval of a son, a brother can communicate directly with the royal military college's Web site Please Note and Thank You.

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